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Paint like a pro

Remodeling done like a professional

If you're a DIY type of person or you just want to save some money, remodeling can definitely be done without contracting someone. When you visit Arrow Tool Rental Corp, you'll find all the tools and equipment professionals' use. Don't purchase these tools yourself - rent from us to save yourself some money!

Painting equipment for rent

• Paint sprayers

• Fans

• Lifts

• Scaffolding

• Ladders

• Pressure washers

• Paint mixers

• Hand trucks

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Don't get frustrated with a lack of options - at Arrow Tool Rental Corp, our gigantic selection of tools and equipment will provide you with the perfect tools for whatever project you need to work on.

Have a stress-free paint job with our pro equipment.

Call us today to ask about renting painting tools.

If you are a contractor who is hired to do more than just painting, take a look at the selection we have for contractor equipment.